G 364 Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools   

This 2-day field-delivered course provides schools with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to refine or develop an all-hazards school emergency operations plan (EOP) and to identify how to train and exercise the school EOP. This course follows the guidance set forth in the FEMA Comprehensive Preparedness Guide, CPG 101, for developing an emergency operations plan and explains how to engage the whole community—including parents/guardians and outside agencies such as law enforcement, fire, and emergency management—in school preparedness and planning.

Prerequisites: NONE however we recommend: IS 100 intro to ICS, IS 700-NIMS introduction, IS 362 Multi-hazard emergency planning for schools

Target Audience: The target audience for this course is school and emergency management personnel who are interested in comprehensive emergency planning for grades K-12. Examples of potential participants include: • School personnel: School superintendents, principals, school nurses, risk managers, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, and others involved in school planning. • Emergency management personnel: Emergency manager and representatives of law enforcement, fire, public health, and other response agencies.

Seats Remaining: 30

Begin Date: 9/22/2020

End Date: 9/23/2020

Time: 8:00 AM--4:30 PM

Polk Co EOC 1907 Carpenter Ave
Des Moines
Iowa - 50314

Additional Information:

1) Please arrive 15 minutes early for check-in. 2) Travel and meals will be on your own, adequate time be allowed. 3) Free parking. The parking lot is shared with Polk County Public Health (front part of building) please DO NOT park in spaces marked patient parking only. You will be asked to move. The entry door is on the EAST side of the building.