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FEMA approves disaster loans for cities of Rock Rapids and Rock Valley, "forgives" loan for City of Mapleton


DES MOINES - The Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEMD) today announced that the cities of Rock Rapids and Rock Valley in northwest Iowa have each been granted a Community Disaster Loan (CDL) to assist in recovering from devastating flooding last summer.

The amount of the loan approved for Rock Rapids is $513,220.00. The amount of the loan approved for Rock Valley is $939,094.00.

“Community Disaster Loans are a valuable tool to help communities maintain essential services in the aftermath of a disaster,’” said Patrick Hall, HSEMD Recovery Division chief and State coordinating officer (SCO) for the disaster. “We will continue to work diligently to assist these communities in recovering from this disaster.”

Following the declaration of a major disaster, interested applicants may request assistance through the Governor’s authorized representative. The State (HSEMD) can make the request to activate the Community Disaster Loan program. An evaluation is conducted by FEMA with local government officials to determine eligibility.

Community Disaster Loans are administered by FEMA and can be made to any local government in need of financial assistance to perform essential services. CDL applicants may include fire and police departments that provide critical community services during and in the immediate aftermath of disasters, as well as school boards, district court offices, and local governments. The maximum award for a CDL is $5 million.

Loan cancellation for City of Mapleton

HSEMD was also notified that a Community Disaster Loan the City of Mapleton received in 2012 for $295,571.00 will not need to be repaid. The loan was made to help the city recover from a tornado that ripped through the county on April 9, 2011. The tornado was part of a storm system that resulted in a Presidential Disaster Declaration for six Iowa counties.


FEMA may cancel repayment of all or part of a CDL if it is determined revenues for three fiscal years following a disaster are insufficient, as a result of the disaster, to meet the operating budget for the local government.

For more information about Community Disaster Loans, visit the FEMA website.


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