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County Coordinator Resources


Log on to WebEOC

SharePoint Access Portal

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SharePoint login for County Emergency Management Coordinators


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Image of login screen for EMGrantsPro, also known as MB3.


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PDA Field Guide
(Individual Assistance)

FEMA Preparing for PDAs
(Public Assistance)

Image of PDA Field Guide cover page

Image of Public Assistance PDA preparation document


Local Officials Guide


Introduction to Homeland Security and Emergency Management for Local Officials (2019)

Image of cover of Emergency Response Guidebook

2016 Emergency Response Guidebook

(updated every four years)


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Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders


WISER Mobile apps (FREE):


Crisis Event Response and Recovery Access (CERRA) Framework

Download web banners, graphics, posters and logos on the Ready Iowa website.


Iowa Access and Functional Needs Toolkit


Functional Needs Toolkit

Main Document
pg. 1-44

Sample registration forms

Attachment 1

pg. 45-53

Access and functional needs populations planning resources

Attachment 2

pg. 54-57

State, terrirorial, tribal, and local community preparedness resources

Attachment 3

pg. 58-61

Personal preparedness resources

Attachment 4

pg. 62-65

Examples of national organizations having resources for access and functional needs and emergency preparedness

Attachment 5

pg. 66-68

HIPAA privacy rule and disclosures in emergency situations

Attachment 6

pg. 69-71

Sample brochures

National Organization on Disability: Guide on the Special Needs of People with Disabilities

Attachment 7a

FEMA/Red Cross: Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and other Special Needs

Attachment 7b

Iowa Dept. of Public Health: Preparing for Disaster- A Guide for People with Disabilities

Attachment 7c

Sioux City/Woodbury County: Special Needs Information and Response Form

Attachment 7d

Changes in ADA and Service Animals

Attachment 7e

Sample support annex access and functional needs - emergency shelters

Attachment 8

ADA checklist for emergency shelters

Attachment 9a

(Part 1)


Attachment 9b

(Part 2)