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Iowa Flood Mitigation Board


The Flood Mitigation Board was created by the Iowa General Assembly and signed into law (Iowa Code, Chapter 418) by Governor Branstad in 2012. The board is charged with creating a flood mitigation program for Iowa. This program will allow certain governmental entities to submit flood mitigation projects to the Board for review and possible approval for funding. The funding will come from either sales tax increments or funds appropriated by the General Assembly.


The Board itself is composed of four members from the public, six members from state agencies, as well as four ex-officio members from the General Assembly.


Flood Recovery Fund

The Iowa Flood Mitigation Board has distributed $36 million from the Flood Recovery Fund for critical recovery and redevelopment projects in communities impacted by the devastating floods of 2019. The Board distributed a $15 million legislative appropriation in September 2019, followed by an additional appropriation of $21 million in February 2020.


Fact Sheet




Board Meetings (Schedule/Agendas/Minutes)


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Nov. 4, 2020

1:00-4:00 PM

Iowa Flood Mitigation Board--Virtual Meeting

Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.
United States (Toll Free): 1 866 899 4679
United States: +1 (571) 317-3116,
Access Code: 677-334-501


Related Documents:

Board Meeting Minutes (Approved)*


Board Members






Joyce Flinn (Chair)


(State Government)

Lorraine Glover


Ronald Herrig


Robert Hogg (D)

Iowa Senate

(Iowa General Assembly)

Michael Fitzgerald

Treasurer of Iowa

(State Government)

Kraig Paulsen

Iowa Dept. of Revenue

(State Government)

Lori Beary

Iowa Finance Authority

(State Government)

Dr. Amy Kaleita

(Vice Chair)


Michael Naig

Iowa Dept. of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

(State Government)

Ken Rozenboom (R)

Iowa Senate

(Iowa General Assembly)

David Sieck (R)

Iowa House

(Iowa General Assembly)

Charlie McConkey (D)

Iowa House

(Iowa General Assembly)

John Torbert


Kayla Lyon

Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources

(State Government)



NEW 2020 Flood Recovery Fund Applications (PDF)

Confidential information in these documents has been redacted due to Iowa Admin. Code r. 191-2.11.


Benton Township


Benton Washington Levee District


City of Buffalo


Approved: $211,021.00


Coulthard Levee District

Approved: $4,427,965.00


City of Council Bluffs

Approved: $342,540.00


City of Davenport



Fensler Drainage District

Approved: $76,848.90


County of Fremont &
City of Hamburg



County of Fremont

Approved: $15,954.05

Approved: $38,025


Scott County EMA-
Genesis Medical Center East

Approved: $417,375.00


Scott Drainage


City of Glenwood



City of Hamburg

Approved: $1,100,000.00



City of Harlan




Honey Creek
Drainage District #6

Approved: $651,519.30



L-594 Pleasant Valley
Levee District

Approved: $862,000.00




Approved: $809,915.00

Approved: $804,350.00

Approved: $652,650.00



City of LeClaire


Lorimor Drainage District

Approved: $733,300.00



Counties of Mills &
Pottawattamie (M & P)

Approved: $279,149.00

Approved: $1,709,474.00



County of Mills &
City of Pacific Junction




Counties of Mills & Fremont Drainage District

Approved: $1,465,000.00



Missouri Valley Drainage District


Mule Slough/West Benton Drainage District


City of Muscatine


County of Muscatine




New St. Mary's
Drainage District

Approved: $685,500.00



Noble's Lake Drainage District

Approved: $51,089.55



Pigeon Creek #2
Drainage District

Approved: $206,100.00



Pigeon Creek #8
Drainage District

Approved: $8,400.00



Plattville Drainage District

Approved: $425,700.00



Pony Creek Drainage District

Approved: $1,152,300.00



County of Pottawattamie




Rand-Peterson Levee District


County of Sac
Drainage District

Approved: $42,403.50



Vanman Levee District

Approved: $3,369,106.70



Watkins Drainage District

Approved: $465,500.00


2019 Flood Recovery Fund Applications (PDF)

    City of Davenport

Deferred: $454,230.00


    City of Fredonia

Approved: $135,550.00


    City of Hamburg-Buyout

Approved: $940,856.55


    City of Hamburg-Levee

Approved: $6,356,324.20


    City of Hornick

Approved: $2,071,708.00


    City of Pacific Junction

Approved: $3,153,638.25


    County of Mills

Approved: $2,341,923.00


    County of Muscatine

Deferred: $157,750.00


    Vanman Levee District

Deferred: $2,000,000.00


Flood Recovery Fund Progress Reports (PDF)
Sales Tax Increment Application Documents (PDF)

    City of Burlington

Approved: $26,200,000


    City of Cedar Falls

Approved: $6,625,000


    City of Cedar Rapids

Approved: $269,411,016



    City of Coralville

Approved: $9,769,000


    City of Council Bluffs

Approved: $57,000,000


    City of Des Moines &     Metropolitan Wastewater     Reclamation Authority

Approved: $111,100,273



    City of Dubuque

Approved: $98,494,178



    City of Iowa City

Approved: $8,497,249



    City of Storm Lake

Approved: $4,083,060



    City of Waverly

Approved: $5,647,004


Please click the tab below for latest sales tax increment projections.



Sales Tax Increment Progress Reports



Cedar Falls

Cedar Rapids


Council Bluffs

City of Des Moines & Metro Wastewater Reclamation Authority


Iowa City

Storm Lake






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